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Boulder Backroads 1/2 Marathon


Denis dePierro, a 38-year old kidney cancer survivor, completed the Boulder Backroads 1/2 Marathon on September, 30th.  So far he has managed to raise over $1000, all while training for the marathon and battling his disease.  Denis completed the race with a time of 2h:26m at an 11-min mile pace, sporting his Kidney Cancer Association awarness t-shirt the whole way.  He ran the race with his good friend Jeff Carter and his wife who rode along side on her bike for support, providing Gatorade and cheering the whole way.



Denis previously was part of a group of cyclists in Yonkers, New York whom he rode with on the "Gimbel’s Ride", one of teh top group cycling rides in America, according to Bicycling magazine.  He credits much of his support to these friends.




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