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In loving memory of Colleen Sigman


On August 6, 2007, Colleen Sigman passed away from renal cell carcinoma. Colleen Sigman is not just another statistic for kidney cancer she was a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandma (maw maw), a niece, an Aunt, a sister-in-law, and a cousin and most of all she was my best friend and my life along with many others will never be the same without her.
A few months before her death we found out that there were not many options out there for a patient with renal cell carcinoma. In this day and age you would think that we would be further along in all types of cancer than we really are today.

We were shocked by the cost of medication. A 30 day supply of medication for nausea was 1,500 dollars. One pill for chemotherapy was 2,500. Those are just two examples the cost just starts to add up and can become overwhelming for everyone involved.

I decided after several months of crying and not leaving my house that I needed to find a way to keep my mom's memory alive. I want to be able to help families that are dealing with the same thing that my family dealt with. I want to be able to help families pay for the medications that they need, and provide support for the patient as well as the family.

These things I can not do alone. That is why I created a website in memory of my mom. The website is set up for anyone to share their story and find support. I also need the help from people willing to donate. 100% of all donations will be donated to the Kidney Cancer Association.  The Kidney Cancer Association helps patients and families with everything I mentioned above and more. Please find it in your heart to give a couple dollars to help save a life. As I always say there are more colors for cancer than pink.

Kidney cancer is green.

Thank you for your help,

Christy Sigman-Shirley

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