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Pfizer announces joint operations with Wyeth


October 14, 2009

 Today, Pfizer announced that it has initiated joint operations with Wyeth following the legal close of the acquisition yesterday. The combined company now has an impressive array of products in growing therapeutic areas as well as a robust pipeline that gives us an enhanced ability to innovate.

We are embracing our responsibility to serve the world’s diverse health needs. At Pfizer, we understand that to be successful, we must turn the advantages offered by this combination into meaningful results for the patients, customers and the communities we serve. Accordingly, we have made several commitments that will guide how we do our jobs every day. They are:

·                     Advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures;

·                     Bring the best scientific minds together to challenge the diseases of our time;

·                     Set the standard for quality, safety and value of medicines;

·                     Use our global presence to make a difference in communities and the world;

·                     Be a leading voice for improving everyone’s ability to have reliable and affordable health care.


Pfizer remains committed to comprehensive health care reform and working to improve health care in the United States. We share a lot of common ground, especially on the need to expand access to care, to reduce costs, and to support scientific and medical innovation.  Specifically, Pfizer supports strengthening the Medicare prescription benefit, expanding Medicaid, and supporting a reasonable pathway for approval of biologic drugs. We are also in favor of policies that protect and reward innovation, because it leads to new medicines that focus on unmet medical needs that can save lives and reduce suffering.

 In addition to supporting health care reform, Pfizer has stepped-up to help others who are struggling in these difficult economic times.  Pfizer Helpful Answers provides low-and no-cost prescriptions to low income individuals.  Last year, Pfizer Helpful Answers helped 941,325 patients with 6,569,435 prescriptions.  Earlier this year, Pfizer also launched the MAINTAIN program that provides free medicines for up to one year to our patients who have lost their jobs and their health care insurance. 

 It is with great excitement that I can reiterate today, just as before, we remain committed to our purpose: Working together for a healthier worldThe new company is the premier biopharmaceutical company in the world with the resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. Attached is the press release we issued announcing the launch of our new company.  As we move forward, I will keep you informed of relevant developments. 


 Janet S. McUlsky

Senior Director

Alliance Development