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“Run like the wind, Jamie!” dad’s voice would bellow across Detweiller Park during cross-country season.

The phrase was given meaning for him by a developmentally delayed boy he coached on the soccer field who, despite physical and mental challenges, would joyously yell, “I’m going to run like the wind for you, Mr. Graves!”

To dad, this was a statement of having courage and showing heart – even in the face of overwhelming adversity.  And it is with heart that I will be running in dad’s memory at the Chicago Marathon onSunday, October 12 to raise funds for the Kidney Cancer Association. This race is both a tribute to a man who fought to live as long as he could and a thank you to an organization that provided tremendous support during his seven-year battle.

I would be much obliged for any support you could provide in helping me reach my fundraising goal.

 I also hope you will join the Graves Family Cheering Team on race day, as I’d love to hear a chorus of “Run like the wind, Jamie” throughout the course.

 Best,  Jamie


ABOUT 2014 Chicago Marathon
Name Date Amount Comments
Kerri Kulovitz 10/12/2014 $50.00 Way to go Jamie and Jon!! You are such an inspiration. Best of luck to you both although I know you won't need it!
Jim Conwell 10/10/2014 $50.00 When Jamie and Jon run by, the marathon suddenly becomes a fashion show.
Danielle Wheeler 10/09/2014 $15.00 GET IT JLG!! You're gonna CRUNCH IT! So proud of you! Thanks for always inspiring me and cheering me on! You're such an amazing friend! I miss and love your face! 10:30 AWESOME!!
Marissa Wright 10/09/2014 $50.00 Thank you Jamie for all your support this summer. You are a role model and a shining example for everyone you meet.
Anya Baron 10/07/2014 $25.00 Jaime, Thank you for your motivation and sparkle each and every Saturday. You are the best!
Adrienne Tucker 10/05/2014 $25.00 Jamie thanks so much for being such an inspiration as a group leader and a person!
Mosher Girls 10/04/2014 $100.00 Happy Birthday Week to sister #7.Here's to another year of health, happiness and lots more fun adventures!!!
Shannon Piatek 09/29/2014 $50.00 Run fast :)
Scott Ginsburg 09/27/2014 $50.00  
Tara Abbott 09/23/2014 $25.00 Jamie - thanks for all of your inspiration!
Robert and Rebecca Patchak 09/23/2014 $25.00 Go, Jamie! Go! We are so proud of you.
Lauren Shoup 09/22/2014 $25.00 You are inspiring each and every week of training. Excited to cheer you, Jon, and the 10:30 awesomes on during the marathon!
Janelle Romano 09/22/2014 $15.00 Wonderful cause - you are an inspiration, Jamie! Thanks for making yesterday so great and fun for Kim and I!
Jann Kamp 09/19/2014 $100.00 Run Like the Wihnd!
Lois Wahrenburg 09/19/2014 $25.00 Run like the wind, Jaime
Jennifer Ludwick 09/18/2014 $250.00 because you rule in all ways, JLG!
Molly Fleck 09/14/2014 $20.00 Thanks for the motivation every Saturday!
David and Lynne Breed 09/02/2014 $50.00 Run like the wind.
Paige Lapen 08/18/2014 $25.00 Run like the wind, Jamie and Jon!
Heather Hanley 08/16/2014 $50.00 Way to go Jamie!!!
Vicki Cooley 08/15/2014 $50.00 Yay Jamie! Wish I could be in Chicago to see you "Run Like the Wind!"! So proud of you! I love your Dad and you too!
Anonymous Friend 08/02/2014 $370.00 Keep up the good work. Jas B would be proud.
Elizabeth Newman 08/01/2014 $50.00 Love you JLG!!
Molly Mosher 07/27/2014 $100.00 Thanks for a great weekend sister #7.
Sue Graves 07/26/2014 $100.00  
Michael Karter 07/23/2014 $25.00 Run like the wind, Jamie!
Mary Jostad 07/20/2014 $50.00 Your Dad would be so proud of you. I know I am! Aunt Mary
Wendy Wiker 07/19/2014 $100.00 Go Jamie!
Jason Cencirulo 07/18/2014 $25.00  
Vincent Giacabazi 07/16/2014 $25.00 My prayers for a successful race, Jaime!
Bill P. Bro 07/16/2014 $100.00 "Run like the wind..."
Ed Giampietro 07/16/2014 $100.00 Proud and honored to help.
Sarah Easley 07/15/2014 $20.00 You are a total inspiration to me and are making your dad very proud! Good luck JLG!
Cassie Hunnicutt 07/14/2014 $20.00 Run fast, my friend!
Brian Colgan 07/14/2014 $20.00 Thinking of the entire Graves family. Love you guys. - The Colgans.
Kristin Herndon 07/14/2014 $25.00 Mr. Graves would be so proud. Good Luck with the marathon - not that you need it. Xoxo
Luis Miramontes 07/14/2014 $20.00 hoping that every little bit helps...:)
Kate Kostal 07/13/2014 $20.00  
Kelly Ziemkiewicz 07/13/2014 $25.00 I'll be out on the course with the cheer squad!
Bethany Cullen 07/13/2014 $35.00  
Brian Ledebuhr 07/13/2014 $150.00 Thinking of you all today. Good luck with the race, Jamie! I'm sure you'll do great.
Jessica Oberholtzer 07/13/2014 $20.00  
Patricia Jo Graves 07/13/2014 $600.00 Jamie, I love you. Your dad would be thrilled that you run this race in his memory :)
  Total $3,075.00  
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